Mascia Brunelli

Medical Division

Company profile

Mascia Brunelli S.p.A. and Biolife Italiana S.r.l. are two companies that belong to the same group and that have been operating in the in vitro diagnostic fields for microbiology, haematology, clinical chemistry, immunology, products for tissue culture and medical devices for many years. Both companies are located in Milan, Viale Monza 272, and occupy an area of approximately 3500 m2.

Biolife Italiana S.r.l. has a well-established reputation in the manufacture of powdered and ready-to-use culture media for microbiology, of supplements and enrichments, and of kits and reagents for microbial identification. Biolife Italiana S.r.l. is also the authorised, exclusive Distributor of some foreign companies for in vitro diagnostic products for microbiology in Italy.

Mascia Brunelli S.p.A manufactures in vitro diagnostic products for immunohaematology and clinical chemistry and haemostatic devices for surgery (class 3 medical devices). In addition to being distributor of other types of medical devices, Mascia Brunelli S.p.A also distributes products for tissue culture, immunohaematology, and molecular biology Mascia Brunelli-Biolife set out to fully meet the needs of their customers in terms of pre- and after-sales product and support service performance, and to establish a process that continuously improves the products and services offered to the customers.

Quality Assurance

A strict Quality Assurance System ensures that the design, manufacture and distribution of the products are in compliance with formulated specifications and with the mandatory and prescribed requirements.
Mascia Brunelli S.p.A and Biolife Italiana S.r.l. are certified for the design, manufacture, control and distribution of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic devices pursuant to EN ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485.
The in vitro diagnostic products are manufactured and distributed in compliance with European Directive 98/79/EC, whereas the medical devices are in compliance with European Directive 48/72/EC.


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